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Probably no comedian ever devised so many ways to make people laugh as did Buster Keaton. Master of the pratfall, the deadpan, the surreal sleight-of-hand, he was an endlessly creative gagman who understood before any other director the camera’s role in comic invention. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton
October 4, 1895 - February 1, 1966 

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Happy Birthday Christoph Waltz (born 4 October 1956) 


Happy Birthday Christoph Waltz (born 4 October 1956) 

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Happy Birthday Buster Keaton!

 ”I don’t act, anyway. The stuff is all injected as we go along. My pictures are made without script or written directions of any kind.”

-Buster Keaton


US, 2012

WBAI radio in New York City was one of the nation’s first freeform radio stations, with overnight DJ Bob Fass and his show “Radio Unnameable” pioneering its conversational, community-focused ethos. Since 1963, Fass has used his show as a cultural hub for music, politics, and audience engagement, giving voice to everyone from up-and-coming musicians like Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie to activists organizing demonstrations in the heady era of the Vietnam War. RADIO UNNAMEABLE is a fascinating, entertaining portrait of Fass and his revolutionary radio, a look at the man behind the voice that defined The City That Never Sleeps. (87 mins.)

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"There is some kind of terrible force sometimes its out of control you have to keep writing and writing even when there’s no meaning to it. You know you’re not going to make any money, you know it’s going to take up all your time and you know no body is going to give a damn anyway.

But some day you’re on the street and some body is singing a song you wrote. You want to go tot hat person and say “Hey, you know I wrote that song,” but they think you’re some kind of nut so you never do it.”

-Doc Pomus

Have you heard of any Doc’s songs? Find out by catching AKA Doc Pomus on October 12 at the Whitsell Auditorium


"Your dreams will start there, and they will end there. It will end right there you will die that night and it will be because of whatever dream you’re chasing."

-Mickey Rourke 

Don’t miss “Sunset Strip" coming October 13th at the Whitsell Auditorium

Smith Ohlrig: ”Why the devil do you think I sent you up there, you dirty little parasite? Get her down here! “
Franzi Kartos: “I think I prefer to be a headwaiter again, Mr. Ohlrig. “
Franzi Kartos:  ”You know, you’re a big man, but not big enough to destroy that girl. Goodbye.” 


US, 1949

Robert Ryan gives a towering performance as psychotic billionaire Smith Ohlrig, who marries impressionable young Leonora Eames (Barbara Bel Geddes) and gives her everything she ever wanted—except for affection. Leaving her life of luxury behind, Leonora soon falls for an altruistic doctor (James Mason). But Ohlrig, not one to be rebuffed, devises a scheme to permanently lock the bonds of matrimony. Superbly directed by Max Ophüls, CAUGHT also boasts cinematography by the great Lee Garmes.

Playing at the Whitsell Auditorium at 7 p.m. September 28th.

OHSU Video Internship

I would like to students of the NW Film Center School of Film to apply for a 6-8 week paid internship in June and July in Portland, Oregon.  Students will be provided a $1,500 stipend.  Hours are flexible.
The students will be working under my direction at the Oregon Health and Science University, Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine.   The project involves the use of multi-media to teach students and physicians by helping them better understand medical imaging and its relationship to 3-dimensional anatomy.    We have already produced a couple of videos and would like to start working on our third.  Please refer students to the following link to view some of the work we have already done:
This project will involve the creation of a similar video for the brachial plexus (nerves in the neck that supply the arm).  Video editing skills are a must.  The team will have access to a full-time physician assigned to the project to serve as a consultant and subject matter expert as well as myself (available in the evenings and 2 days a week – the remaining three days I have clinical responsibilities).  The two subject matter experts that will help create the story board and collect relevant imaging clips.  Students will have access to a Mac Pro equipped with Final Cut Studio and video equipment.  The student will be involved with writing, video production and editing, web posting.
Interested parties should email Glenn Woodworth at